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Linen, flower frill, shoulder bag.

Known as the ‘Japanese Rose’ the Camellia is a genus of flowering plants in the Theaceae family. Originating in Eastern and Southern Asia, from eastern Himalayas to Japan and Indonesia, they are famous throughout these areas, traditionally known as the ‘The Flower’ in Chinese, ‘Tsubaki’ in Japanese, ‘Dongbaek-kkot’ in Korea, and ‘Hoa Trà’ or ‘Hoa Chè’ in Vietnamese. Over the full variety of this genus of around 3000 hybrids, the Camellia is a diverse flower of endless uses, Included into beauty treatmeatments, consumed in teas, produced into cooking oils, medicines and strangely used as an oil to clean and protect the blades of cutting utensils. 

CAMELLIA is a flower in bloom on the first day of spring, soft layers of fresh, delicate petals. Crafted from a base of our typical hand braided linen, CAMELLIA features three layers of structured linen flower frills, spiralling over the front of the bag, each frill petal finished with hand beaded Pink Coral imitating a glistening raindrop after a sun shower. It has crisp white linen bows, attaching silver nickel hardware rings for a neon pink shoulder strap to join to, and features our hand painted, customised PETAL silk scarf. The back surface of the bag is also covered in our typical braided fabrication, spiraled over the back, each line hand attached by carefully stitched layers of embroidery. The interior has been finished with a soft lilac-pink linen, an interior pocket from our PETAL signature stripe fabrication of linen and silk, and our branded Lucid label.
Designed and Hand Crafted in Australia by Isobel Badin.

- multi hued pink braiding in mid, dark and neon pink
- scarlet red embroidery thread layered over the braiding
- mid tone pink flower frills
- pink Coral raindrop beading
- crisp white linen bows
- silver nickel hardware rings
- white swivel clasp
- neon pink shoulder strap
- soft lilac pink lining
- multi colour stripe pocket in red, orange, pink and nude
- vibrant pink lucid branded label
- multi hued pink, red, nude and white hand painted, custom designed silk scarf

- linen base
- linen and nylon cord braiding
- cotton embroidery thread
- linen silk flower frill
- coral beading
- linen bows and lining
- nickel hardware
- polyester swivel clasp
- nylon shoulder strap
- linen and silk interior pocket
- lucid branded label
- 100% silk scarf


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