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Mini beaded, flower frill, hand bag. 

Dahlia is a genus of bushy, tuberous, herbaceous perennial plants native to Mexico. Their earliest history dates back to 1575 where the Spaniards reportedly discovered the flower in Mexico while studying the ‘natural products of the country’, where Dahlias were used as a food source by the indigenous people, with the Aztecs using them to treat epilepsy. Related species to the Dahlia include the Sunflower, Daisy, Chrysanthemum and the Zinnia. The Dahlia flower displays almost every hue apart from blue and in the language of flowers, Dahlia represents dignity and instability, as well as meaning ‘my gratitude exceeds your care’. 

This small circle flower pouch is heavily embellished with Pink Coral, White Coral, Pink Quartz, Bone and Peruvian Pink Opal and Wood over the entire front of the bag - resembling the seeded centre of a blooming flower. It also features crisp white linen bows, one to tie up the opening of the pouch, the other bowing the oversized nickel carry ring, where our PETAL custom designed silk scarf ties to. The outer edge of this beaded area is trimmed with the PETAL structured linen flower frill, each petal topped with hand embellished Pink Coral raindrop beading. The back features our PETAL signature stripe fabrication of red, orange, pink and nude. This pretty little flower has an interior of pure linen in a soft lilac-pink colour, then finished with our Lucid branded label. DAHLIA is delicate, fun and extra sweet.
Designed and Hand Crafted in Australia by Isobel Badin.

- multi coloured pink, red & nude embroidered front
- soft pink/lilac linen frill
- multi pink & red braided edging
- backing is our multi signature stripe of pink, red & nude
- crisp white linen ties
- silver nickel hardwear ring
- white swivel clasp attaching a neon pink strap
- soft pink/lilac linen lining
- multi signature stripe interior pocket from pink, red & nude
- vibrant pink lucid braided interior label
- multi hued pink, red, nude and white hand painted, custom designed silk scarf

- beading in Pink Coral, White Coral, Rose Quartz, Bone, Peruvian Pink Opal, Bleached Howlite, and dyed red Timber beads
- linen base
- linen and silk stripe fabrication throughout
- double sided linen frills
- linen ties
- silver nickel hardware
- poly swivel clasp
- nylon carry strap
- 100% silk scarf



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