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Embellished, symetrical, shield shaped shoulder bag.

Narcissus is a genus of predominantly Spring perennial plants of the Amaryllidaceae family. Various common names include Daffodil, Daffadowndilly, Narcissus, and Jonquil, all used to describe members of the genus. Narcissus has conspicuous flowers with six petal-like tepals surmounted by a cup or trumpet-shaped corona. The flowers are typically white or yellow, or orange or pink in garden varieties, with either uniform or contrasting coloured tepals and corona. Narcissus appears throughout the history of ancient Greek culture, was mentioned in the King James version of the bible, and has been referred to as the flower of imminent death, with its fragrance being narcotic, a myth deriving from the flowers potentially fatal qualities. Narcissus is a delicate flower with rich history in Roman, Greek, Islamic and Eastern Asian cultures.

NARCISSUS is a house favourite. Featuring heavy, intricate beadwork over the entire face of the bag, NARCISSUS is super lush. The beadwork comprises of White Coral, Pink Coral, Bone, Peruvian Pink Opal, Bleached Howlite and Dyed Wooden beads, all carefully applied in symmetry to form its shield shape. The back is also a statement, made from our PETAL signature stripe fabrication from silk and linen. The sides are trimmed with a linen silk, double sided structured flower frill creating ripples of petals, each topped with a hand applied Pink coral bead, mimicking fresh raindrops resting after the rain. The top of the bag features crisp white linen ties, attaching brass hardware rings for a neon pink shoulder strap to join to. The rings also create a home for our hand painted PETAL silk scarf to tie to. The inside is just as pretty, lined with a soft pink linen lining, and an interior pocket from our PETAL signature stripe fabrication, then finished with our branded Lucid label.
Designed and Hand Crafted in Australia by isobel Badin.

- nude linen base
- multi coloured pink, red and nude embellished front
- multi hued pink braiding in mid, dark and neon pink
- scarlet red embroidery thread layered over the braiding
- multi coloured, PETAL signature stripe in red, pink, orange and nude covers the back of the bag
- crisp white linen ties
- silver nickel hardware rings
- white swivel clasp and neon pink shoulder strap
- soft lilac-pink linen lining
- PETAL signature stripe internal pocket in red, orange, pink and nude
- neon pink lucid branded internal label
- multi hued pink, red, nude and white hand painted, custom designed silk scarf

- beading in pink coral, white coral, rose quartz, bone, peruvian pink opal, bleached howlite, and dyed red wood beads
- linen base
- linen and silk stripe fabrication throughout
- double sided linen frills and bow ties
- silver nickel hardware
- poly swivel clasp
- nylon carry strap
- lucid branded label
- 100% silk scarf


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