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Oversized, circle shape, flower frill shoulder bag

Blossoms are the flowers of stone fruit trees, and other plants of similar appearance that flower profusely for a short period during spring. Blossoms provide pollen to pollinators such as bees, and initiate cross-pollination necessary for the trees to reproduce by bearing fruit. Blossom trees have a tendency to lose their flower petals in wind-blown cascades, often snowing over the surrounding ground with petals. The petals of this Asian descendent, are in some cultures crushed and blended to produce holistic treatments for a wide range of skin conditions, and mixed with sage to be added to heavy liquors like Plum Wine or Plum Brandy. 

BLOSSOM is crafted from two tone lilac and warm pink linen panels, each panel trimmed with our typical braid trim and structured linen flower frills, over both the front and back of the bag. Over the front each flower frill petal is finished with hand detailed single Pink Quartz beads, like fresh raindrops. It also has crisp white linen bows joining brass rings for a neon pink shoulder strap to attach to. Another brass ring has been attached to the front and back centers of the bag, finished with our hand painted, customised PETAL silk scarf, tied on for just a little extra detail. The interior of BLOSSOM is lined with a soft pink linen, a small pocket made from our PETAL signature multi hued, red, pink and nude stripe linen and silk abrication. It is then finished with our branded Lucite label.
Designed and Hand Crafted in Australia by Isobel Badin.  

- contrast lilac and vibrant pink linen panels create the base layer
- multi hued pink braid trim in mid, dark & neon pink
- scarlet red embroidery thread is layered over the braiding
- double sided white linen flower frills
- pastel pink Rose Quartz beading
- crisp white linen ties
- brass hardware rings
- white swivel clasp & neon pink shoulder strap
- soft pink/lilac linen lining
- PETAL signature stripe internal pocket from joined panels in red, orange, pink and nude
- neon pink lucid branded internal label
- multi hued pink, red, nude and white hand painted, custom designed silk scarf

- linen base
- double sided linen flower frills
- Rose Quartz raindrop beading
- linen bow ties
- brass hardware
- poly swivel clasp
- linen and silk stripe internal pocket
- nylon carry strap
- lucid branded label
- 100% silk scarf


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